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When we know better, we feel better,
 when we feel better, we do better.

     You will discover ways to:
  • Raise your child without raising your voice
  • Teach social-emotional skills essential for a fulfilling life
  • Ask the important questions to get to the heart of the matter
  • Set limits without coercing or controlling
  • Diminish feelings of frustration
  • Create time for yourself
  • Effectively guide your child while maintaining self-respect
  • Find workable solutions in collaboration with your child
  • Communicate calmly and with clarity
  • View mistakes as opportunities to learn                                                                          

      Your children will develop:

  • ​Respect, empathy, and compassion for self and others
  • A sense of significance and belonging
  • An understanding and acceptance of his/her authentic self
  • A spirit of cooperation
  • A willingness to accept responsibility
  • The ability to make wise choices and problem-solve
  • Time to self-reflect
  • Identify and appropriately express his/her emotions
  • Constructive ways to use personal power 
  • Insights into their own capabilities
  • Self-discipline
  • Improved communication skills
  • The ability to learn from mistakes without shame and without feeling like a failure

What Can a Parent Coach Do for Me?
As a parent, sometimes it feels like there is nowhere to turn for support and reassurance. I will help you define your priorities, dreams, and goals. I will provide encouragement if you are feeling uncertain, hope if you are overwhelmed, gently nudge you if you feel stuck, and help you remember if you forget.  

Contrary to traditional messages which promote punishment and rewards, the most resilient, content, and capable kids hail from families where parents discipline with firmness and kindness at the same time. In lieu of temporary fixes, your children will thrive, you will flourish, and your family will blossom for a lifetime.