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"Barbara came to us as part of the group of Early Intervention therapists for our son.  Barbara was our family coach.  Her goal was to ensure we learned to put his disability aside, enable him to become independent, and to treat him equally in our family.  We learned how to view things in a different perspective and were able to see a bright future for our son.  Barbara educated us as to what to expect for children at my son's age and what was 'typical'.  Barbara is a tremendous resource, and I recommend her to other parents seeking guidance."
"I connected with Barbara at a very difficult time in my parenting life.  Words cannot explain how much she has helped me to grow as a parent and improve my relationship with my daughter while at the same time keeping me sane.  She was always available to answer my questions and she talked me through a lot of difficult situations.  Her suggestions always seemed to work when everything else I tried failed.  She was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable.  She is a fabulous listener and provided me with invaluable support.  It is amazing that we developed such a strong relationship without ever meeting face to face.  There is no doubt that I never would have made it through last winter without my weekly sessions with Barbara.  Any parent would benefit greatly from working with her."
"Barbara's parent coaching is excellent.  Barb gave us a balanced take on our son's habits, tendencies, and ways to guide him without getting in the way of his development.  We highly recommend Barbara's services, whether you're in need of parent coaching, speech therapy or behavioral analysis."
"I had a wonderful experience working with Barbara in the Early Intervention System.  She was assigned to many of my cases as Family Trainer.  Barbara's knowledge and technique are exceptional....Barbara's work with families made a phenomenal difference in many lives.  Her family training has helped parents learn the skills to help their children reach their developmental milestones.  More importantly, she taught parents the skills and techniques to conquer the challenging behaviors from their children.  Families considered her a miracle worker and forever praised the positive changes she helped create for their families.  Barbara would be an excellent addition to anyone dedicated to helping children and families."

"Barbara is truly one the most amazing people I have ever met. Barbara started out as our early intervention speech therapist in 2007 for my 2 1/2 year-old daughter. Not only did she capture my daughter's attention from the moment they started working together but she assisted us, as parents, in so many other ways. She educated us regarding child development and offered various techniques, but always made sure that we were comfortable with carrying out any ideas. Barbara is an expert in her field. She understands how difficult parenting can be and helps you find techniques that work! You can read as many articles on parenting that you can find, but having someone sit and listen to your situation and help you come up with solutions that work for you is priceless. Barbara works with you to find the best method to produce positive results."  
"Having been referred to Barbara Thomas has been a blessing. She has provided me with amazing guidance, valuable tools, and the confidence that I can 'do this.' Barbara is so supportive and the speed with which she responds is wonderful. I strongly recommend Barbara Thomas as a parent coach...she has been a life saver!"